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01/27 - GoText v1.06 Released
Only these carriers are working:
Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular

Send free text messages from your PC with this simple tool.
All you need is a number and something to say.

GoText Features:
Address Book - Store all your friends
names and numbers for quick texting.
Data Import - Import names and
numbers from your favorite programs.
Recent Numbers List - drop down the list
to display recently used names and numbers
Multiple Recipients Support - Enter multiple numbers seperated by commas or select a
bunch of names from the address book
Anonymous Capabilities - Send
messages without including your real name
Auto Message Splitting - GoText will automatically send your message in multiple parts if it is too big for a single text message!
Portability - Copy GoText to any folder on any drive and it still works. Take it to the computer lab on a keychain USB drive.

GoText is FREE!
but donations are accepted :)

The Gote Says
"I Got Owned!"

What people are saying about GoText:
"I absolutely love your simple and easy-to-use utility and would be
inconvenienced sorely if it is no longer available to me." -

"You have one of the best products I've ever used." -
Stephen R.

"I love this thing!  Thank you for gotext!" -
Arthur A.

"Its better than using ur phone." -
Tez B.

"GoText Saved Me...I have not hesitated to
send you a donation" -
George S.

"Great program" -
Steven S.

"As desktop stuff goes, this is one great little program! Now if it
could just recieve texts as well...(hint..hint)" -

"Gotext is an excellent program that will change the world forever! Thank
you for keeping it real and keeping it FREE!" -

"Thank you so much for making this sweet program"-
Rusty S.

"Someone finally wrote a freeware program that works,does what it
says, and no strings attached!!!!" -

"Good program, this product pleased to me" -

"Gotext is a free easy to use SMS message sender.
It's small. It's easy. It works." -

"Free Simple Works (and quickly)"
- leemarsh2010

"It does exactly what I need, the user-interface is simple, and saves time
and money! Upgrading to newer versions is a cinch and I never
have any problems." -

"I like the fact i can send a text from computer and it works on all carriers
and the setup is a breeze and no spyware adware or popups. I actually
donated because it works like advertised." -

"Works great and everyone who had something
negative to say about this are N00BS." -

"I'd hope you have had some kinder foreign comments than those quoted,
free software should be what the Internet makes possible.
Power to you."
- Andy, England

"No complaints. Simply gets the job done." - jo_jams

"A great little program that does what it promises... Thanks" -
J. Kemp

"I sent a text message to my phone, and within a minute I received it! Also, there was no "jumble" you see on normal txt messages before the actual text." -

"I LOVE It. it's simple, small, and does the job PERFECTLY." -

"Bro after using this I had to send you a few bucks. And to be honest I can't remember where I got it from (probably someone emailed me the file) but nonetheless it's well worth the 5$ and more." -

"I sent a text message to my phone, and within a minute I received it! Also, there was no "jumble" you see on normal txt messages before the actual text."
- Stormalert

"This is the best thing since slice bread"
- jdubruffryders

"WOW looked all over for something free that works! If you looking for a easy text message sender download this you wont be sorry at all. Thanks again!"

"GoText... Does SMS Messaging Right" -

"Works great in every test I have run." -

"Wow, that’s cool! I know my sister would make great use of that." -

"Usually when I’m on the computer and some story makes it
way into my bandwidth, sending a text message to friends and or
family about it happen almost instantly. However when your typing for
a while suddenly having to use T9 Word typing seems a little redundant.
That’s when I came across a great freeware utility called GoText." -
William P

"Very genius. I will some how get you some money." -
Mike K

"Works really well! I can't beleive this is free!!!"
- dmbeard-47

"This program is easy to use and very simple. Great results!!" - kelard

"Brilliant!" - chinkieping

"I tried your GoText program on Win2K and version 1.0 works fine." - flipfone

Here's what the rest of the world is saying:

"I hate to tell you this but not all mobile phone numbers are 10 digits." - Harold F
"Pathetic is the only word I find for this so called software" -
"A waste of time downloading if you live in europe, uk, etc." -
"Worthless...the sample sms that I sent wasnt reached at all."
- gansu_cool
"A useless sofware with no use." - izachael
"Piece of USA Crap" - Geoff (Australia)
"Sorry folks, GoText only supports North America."

How It All Started
So I tried and tried to find a nice little program that would let me send
text messages from my computer quickly and easily. After chasing
credits and installing tons of spyware on my computer, I decided
to make my own program and keep it completely free.
Check it out, tell your friends, send free text messages, save lots of
money, get rich, retire young, live the good life, thank GoText!


GoText v1.06

Over 55,000 downloads!

Existing Users:
Simply accept the upgrade when prompted at GoText startup.
GoText automatic upgrade

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GoText Manual

New in v1.06

- Ability to change default behavior of Enter key
- Some Carrier fixes
- Command line is disabled to block spammers

Support GoText

GoText Supporters:

Eric R, TX
Douglas D, OH
David H, VA
David E, MI
Amar B, FL
Charles K, FL
Yushen, IN
Veronica W, CA
Gabriel, CA
Dave J, CA
Wade C, FL
Randall S, CO
Alan D, FL
Andrew W, MD
Arthur A
George S, WA
Victor G
Adam S
Jonathan H
Mark P, RI
Silvia C, NY
Andrew M, FL
James M, FL
Jason A
James B, NC
Brian D, CT
Chip T, GA

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